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Our Environmental Policy

1.0H Foster & Co accepts the duty to satisfy itself that its products are handled, transported, used and disposed of safely, in compliance with existing regulations and without unacceptable risks to the environment. It is therefore a primary responsibility of the management in both the short and long term to protect the environment as an integral part of good business practice.

Declaration of Intent

2.1It is the policy of the Company to do everything practicable to establish and maintain a high level of environmental protection.

2.2This environmental policy reflects the commitment of the Company and is to be clearly seen as an integral part of overall business policy.

2.3The responsibility for implementing the policy lies directly and personally with management and employees at all levels and extends to those persons and companies in contractual relationship with H Foster & Co.

Statement of Objectives

To implement the policy, the Company objectives are:

3.1To ensure an awareness amongst employees at all levels of the importance of environmental issues.

3.2To ensure that, as far as it is practicable, processes and procedures are used to minimise waste production.

3.3To provide information to enable products to be stored, transported, used, handled and disposed of without unacceptable effects on the environment.

3.4To ensure that Contractors operate in accordance with Company and legal requirements and acceptable environmental practices.

Organisation and Responsibilities

4.1Overall Implementation

The responsibility for implementing H Foster’s Environmental Policy lies directly and personally with management at all levels through to every employees.


Management at all levels within the Company and in all business areas, are responsible for ensuring that all activities which fall into their scope of control are conducted in a responsible and environmentally acceptable manner.


They are responsible for:

  • Applying the policies and procedure detailed to control environmental issues.
  • Ensuring this policy is brought to the attention of new recruits.
  • Ensuring that employees under their control work within the policy’s objectives.
  • Reporting of environmental incidents as they occur to their appropriate manager.


Within the spirit of this policy every employee while at work has a duty:

  • To be aware of any actions which could have an effect on environmental issues.
  • Neither intentionally nor recklessly interfere with nor misuse anything provided in the interest of protecting the environment.
  • Report all environmental incidents to respective line management for investigation and corrective action.

Quality Policy

H Foster UK - Ester, Stearic and Fatty Acids Suppliers (the Company) aims to provide products to its customers which are to specification, on time and within budget.

In support of these objectives the Company operates a Quality Management System accredited to BS EN ISO 9001 (2008). The structure of this Quality Management System is defined in the Company Quality Manual.

The Company led by the ‘Management Team’ are committed to ensuring:

  • This Quality Policy is current, appropriate to and representative of the purpose of our organisation.
  • That continual and improvement of the Quality Management System is in line with the requirements of our customers, ourselves and relevant standards.
  • The continual enhancement of customer perception and satisfaction, by accurate assessment and fulfilment of customer perception, satisfaction, need and expectations.
  • That the effectiveness of the implementation of our Quality Management System is measured and reviewed on an ongoing basis.
  • The availability of resource to achieve the above on an ongoing basis.
  • That all personnel are aware of this Quality Policy and the importance of adhering to the requirements detailed in both the Company Quality Policy and the Company Quality Management System.

Health & Safety Policy

The Management of H Foster & Co Ltd is committed to ensuring that the Health & Safety Policy is adhere to by:

  • Evaluation and reduction of all risks, to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and contractors and to protect the community and the business.
  • Securing the cooperation, involvement and commitment of all employees and others who may be affected in the achievement of the quality, Health & Safety and environmental policy objectives and to encourage their contribution to the improvement programme.
  • Maintaining the appropriate levels of awareness of the employees, contractors and visitors to enable them to take responsibility of their own and their colleague’s Health & Safety to carry out their duties in accordance with their training, policy and procedures.
  • The Managing Director of H Foster & Co Ltd will endure that key business objectives and targets are set within the framework of the policies, with the aim of continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Environment and Health & Safety Management Systems.

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