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Kahl OrganicJelly 7236

The organic alternative to petrolatum

Suggested uses for organic jelly: hair creams, day creams, lotions, lipsticks, lip balms mascaras, ointments

Petrolatum or petroleum jelly is used extensively in the pharmaceutical and personal care industries, but with the controversy surrounding its safety to use as an ingredient for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications as well as the growing demand for organic raw materials; many formulators welcome a petroleum-free alternative.

Kahl OrganicJelly 7236 is an organic plant based petroleum-free jelly which offers formulators the following benefits:

  • organic jellyProtects the skin’s natural barrier function, whilst allowing skin to breathe
  • Delivers cosmetic and pharmaceutical grade versions
  • Temperature and photo stable
  • Based on raw materials described in European Pharmacopeia
  • Emulsifies easily
  • Excellent compatibility with polar elements

Technical Data

  • Drop Melting point (°C): 55-62
  • Congealing point (°C): 52-56
  • Acid value* (mg KOH/g): max. 5
  • Saponification value* (mg KOH/g): 185-210
  • Peroxid value*: < 5 mval/kg
  • Conus penetration (25°C): ~ 160 1/10mm
  • Colour: Opaque

* Specified data, because of the product being new, there can be slight changes in the specification data

H. Foster is the exclusive distributor for KahlWax in the UK.


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