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The cat that came with the house

Our relationship with Stephenson Personal Care began very much as “the cat that came with the house”. For some years, we’d worked with Kays of Ramsbottom as their route to market for the Claranol Melt & Pour soap base – a popular and easy-to-use soap-making option. So when Stephenson acquired the formula and order book from Kays, it was the start of a new relationship based on an established product line.

One of the first meetings we had with Stephenson’s Sales and Marketing Director, James Clews, was at their head office and factory site in Leeds. This introduction was a real testament to the power of first impressions, with a modern reception area, well-organised offices and a capable and very enthusiastic team. Since then, business has grown between our two companies.

Despite their thoroughly modern set-up, just like H Foster, Stephenson was founded in the 19th century (1856, to be precise), in Bradford. This shared sense of history, combined with a forward-looking and ever-evolving ethos, means that we enjoy working in synergy with James and his team. With Stephenson’s state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and laboratory, the team quickly fine-tuned the Claranol base to achieve something that’s consistently high performing.

We have many new products that are now available through our ecommerce business, 1875. These include the newly formulated Liquid Soap 2020 and an Easy Lotion base, both from Stephenson – samples are freely available.