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Bowl of thick and creamy fatty acid with coconut on the edge.

Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are produced by the hydrolysis of the ester linkages in either an animal or vegetable fat, or biological oil, with the removal of glycerol. The by-product is glycerine.

Fatty acids are used in almost all sectors of industry, having a diverse range of uses in candles, crayons, soap, detergents and chemicals. Fatty acids are routinely used as raw soap ingredients, as well as reactants in a wide variety of end products.

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Vegetable Based

Distilled Coconut Fatty Acid

Distilled coconut fatty acid (DCFA) is a light, yellow-coloured, semi-solid material with a characteristic fatty odour. It can be neutralised with various cations to form soluble soaps.


DCFA is used in detergents, cosmetics and personal care, soaps and liquid, textile finishing, leather finishing, finishing fibres, coatings, resins and surfactants.

Tall Oil Fatty Acid 2%

Tall oil fatty acid (TOFA) is a low-cost, unsaturated fatty acid (oleic acid) and is a source of low boiling point fatty acids widely used in the synthetic lubricants industry. Light in colour and low in rosin, it’s a consistent, cost-effective source of liquid fatty acid.


TOFA is used in dimer acids, alkyd resins, oilfield chemicals, metalworking fluids, liquid cleaners, textile chemicals, fuel additives, construction chemicals, rubber and tyre, metallic stabilisers, ore flotation and fatty derivatives.

Tallow Based

Distilled Tallow Fatty Acid

Tallow fatty acids are a family of fatty acids derived mainly from animal (particularly bovine) fat. These acids are a mixture of saturated fatty acids (such as myristic, palmitic and stearic) and unsaturated (such as palmitoleic, oleic and linoleic).


DTFA is used in lubricants and greases, metal working fluids, metal polishes and buffing compounds, hydraulic fluids, flotation aids, liquid detergents, cleaners and fabric softeners.