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Bowl of glycerine, a white, milk-like liquid.


Glycerine is a by-product of splitting natural oil fats during fatty acid production. The crude product from this is then further refined to create a pharmaceutical-grade product of minimum 99.5% purity.

Glycerine BP provides a high standard of purity, safety, consistency, colour and excellent odour characteristics. Its uses are varied and range from cosmetics, toiletries and pharmaceutical applications, to food emulsifiers and beverages. It’s also used as raw material in paints to impart the right flow properties, pour point and viscosity. It’s one of the most versatile raw materials, enjoying widespread use in the worldwide chemical market.

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Vegetable Based

Glycerine 99.5% (Vegetable) BP

Our vegetable glycerine is a kosher and halal product derived from vegetable oil.

  • The applications of natural glycerine are based on a unique combination of properties: it’s a colourless and odourless hygroscopic, non-toxic and non-irritant viscous liquid with a plasticising and lubricating activity, and it contains three free hydroxyl groups, supplying chemical reactivity.