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Creamy liquid in a bowl with sunflower petals and seeds around the edge.

Kahl Emulsions and Self-Emulsifying Waxes

Kahl emulsions are extraordinarily well suited for water-based hair styling products and sunscreen products. In both cases, the films formed by the waxes result in unique product characteristics.

One of the problems commonly encountered when using waxes with a high melting point is that the oil has to be heated at a high temperature for a long period, causing the risk of overheating. In contrast, the advantage of self-emulsifying waxes is that they’re the combination of a wax blend and a PEG-free emulsifier, meaning they can simply be added to the water phase and heated to approximately 80°C for gentle melting. With their outstandingly good product characteristics, self-emulsifying waxes are the ideal solution for cosmetics emulsions.

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Vegetable Based

CE 404 - KahlEmulsion

KahlEmulsion CE404 carnauba is a low viscous, aqueous carnauba wax dispersion in water containing non-ionic emulsifiers.


KahlEmulsion CE404 creates hard wax films with excellent self-gloss and is easily buffable. CE404 can be used in cold process formulations at a use level of 25%

Technical Information

Solid content: 39-41%

PH Value: 4.5-6.58

Viscosity (@25℃) Brookfield: <200 mPa-s